How the TOITERT chairs appeared :)


     MB „TOITERIS” is an universal car chairs manufacturer for dogs. In year 2015, we began to implement the idea and created a chair that the dog would feel comfortable while travelling, could see the road securely attached and not disturbing his master to drive.
    Thanks to a tailor we managed to invent such models and sizes to suit all dogs up to 6 kg. We made sure that when the dog sees the road, it feels calm and does not wander in the chair. The name of the „Toitert“ logo originated from Russian Toy Terrier named Tina. Because she and her master travel together - Tina demanded that a seat would be created. The „TOITERT“ logo and all models are patented in the European Union.
  • WE offer:

    * Multicolour handmade car chairs for dogs up to 7kg.

    * Can be worn over the shoulder as a handbag.

    * We can tailor according to your wishes.

    * Safe and comfortable on the road.

    * There is a strap that can be attached to the back

    * It is strictly forbidden to attach the strap to the collar!!!.

    * We send it by POST

    * In Kaunas you can purchase it on the spot

    * Discounts for wholesale are subject of the agreement